Week Six Recap



After a season of writing off the Texans, they finally started to make a bit of a splash. Finding themselves in 3rd place after a victory against the Patriots, the Texans will look to capitalize on their newly-found team chemistry against the undefeated Colts.

A shrewd move by captain Omar Khamissa, who sat himself for the first couple offensive possessions to get his QB out of his “tunnel vision,” gave Salim Ladha the exact jolt he needed to get the offense on the right track. Although they remain the worst offense in the league, the Texans took strides on a path that seems like it could result in more victories. QB Salim Ladha was sharing the love, as he hit 5 different receivers for scores on his way to an 8-touchdown game. Offensive staple Omar Khamissa hauled in 3 TDs and Mikael Ratansi brought in another two, including a nifty catch-and-run for six. Khaleel Kassam now has an interception in two straight games and will look to continue his streak against the Colts’ formidable offense.

While the Patriots haven’t ever had problems with their offense, the lack of defense has been the key in them taking a free-fall in the standings. Although they didn’t give up any turnovers, it’s hard to gain a victory when you’re not taking some for yourself either. For just the second time this year, the Patriots defense couldn’t force the opposing offense to make a mistake. QB Taleb Zaidi continues to pile on his stats, with Asghar Molu (15 total TDs) and Muhammad Ali (12 total TDs) now being 2nd and 4th in receiving touchdowns, respectively.



Just based off the standings, this had to be the best game of the year. What was the icing on the cake was the trash talk that put this matchup on a pedestal.

Without Kumail as the QB, [the Colts] would be in last place.
– Anonymous Vikings player

Determined to prove it wrong, the Colts were amped up to get this matchup under way. Even with a few hecklers on the sidelines, the team managed to answer every shot the Vikings took. QB Kumail Meghani continues to impress, with 7 passing touchdowns and 2 rushing touchdowns. Captain Imran Ebrahim played a fervour some say he’s been lacking as he hauled 4 catches, a touchdown, and 8 flag grabs. Mujahid Hemani and Murtaza Shah also contributed 2 touchdowns each in this close battle.

It looks like captains came to play in this one. Mujtaba Abidi caught 7 passes while also collecting a sack and an interception. Ali Haroon hand-slaughtered (if you know, you know) the defense, on his way to collecting two touchdowns and one breath-taking effort of a catch. But this game came down to three plays, and unlucky for them, they all went against the Vikings. In the last play of the first half, the Colts were able to score in the back of the end zone as time expired. Halftime didn’t seem to help either, as Kumail Meghani shook his way to a touchdown on the first play of the second half. And lastly, while being down just one score, QB Hisham Ali threw a heart-breaking interception that would seal the victory for the Colts.

These two teams play again in a couple of weeks, and you can bet to see a similar showdown.

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