Week 15 – Playoff Picture Clears Up



This was our game of the week with the most on the line. The math was simple. A win, and you get an entry into the semi-finals. The Seahawks came to play… the Patriots were still snoozing. Perhaps the Patriots are still on daylight savings time as they have not won a first game of the week since the time changed.

Mujtaba Abidi attacked the Patriots early and often, and put a nice bow on his season with 11 receptions and 3 TDs. He’s sure to get a lot of votes for Offensive player of the Year. Speaking of impressive performances, Mehdi Nasser was a revelation throughout the season and may have locked up Rookie of the Year with yet another impressive stat-line with 1 TD and 2 INTs.

Overall, this game didn’t live up to the billing as the Seahawks took control of the game early. As soon as the Seahawks went up 14-0, there was a sense they wouldn’t relinquish the lead. Not only that, they thoroughly demolished the Patriots. The Patriots will need to have a short memory, if they win their first round matchup, a rematch awaits.



The Ravens and the Panthers were fighting to stay out of last place. The Ravens would need a win and some help along the way. The Panthers needed a tie to stay out of last place. The Ravens came out firing in this game as the Ammar Jessa took control of the game right off the bat. The first three score for the Ravens were all by Ammar Jessa who had a receiving TD, a pick-6 and a fumble recovery for a TD. The Ravens would get out to an early 21-7 lead. The Panthers looked discombobulated, and frankly, the Ammar factor was overwhelming. In total, Ammar would be responsible for 4 out of his team’s 5 touchdowns.

The Panthers would fight back in this game. When the Panthers are not turning the ball over, they are a dangerous team. Hamood had tried drafting a shutdown defense, and it’s finally starting to show up at the right time. Offensively, the Panthers used a balanced attack with Farhan Jafri and Ahsan Raza having a big week.

The game was tied with 3 seconds left in the game, and Danial heaved the ball towards the endzone. A tipped ball landed in the hands of Ahsan Raza who reached out for the TD before there was a forced fumble. The win secured the 4th seed for the Panthers, and the Ravens fell to the 6th seed.



The Raiders and the Lions were playing in a game that didn’t ultimately matter in the final standings. The Raiders were playing short once again, and the Lions had their full team for only the second time this season. This may be a first in MFL history as the Lions had all of their players with a receiving TD including their QB Kumail Meghani. The Lions have been first in the league standings throughout the season, and put an impressive outing to close out their season with a 63-42 win. Asghar Molu completed a MVP caliber season with 80 receptions and 26 TDs.

The Raiders were led by Ammar Dayani in this game who left everything he had on the table routinely getting behind the defense, and making big play after big play. Rizwan Jafri had a strong game with 7 receptions and 2 TDs. There was very little defense played in this game, as the Raiders & Lions were hoping to escape this game without any injuries. The Raiders will face the surging Panthers, and the winner gets a date with the Lions who are undefeated in their last 6 games.

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