Banking Receptions – Masumeen Muslim Food Bank

Introducing: Banking Receptions 🏈

This initiative was created to have a positive impact in our communities. We have partnered with the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank to raise funds during the MFL Playoffs. We are hoping for all the players (past or present), friends, and community members to be involved.

Masumeen Muslim Food Bank, operating out of Brampton, services families across the Brampton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke areas. Their goal is to provide families with a monthly supplement of essential food and supplies, such as produce, meat, food staples, etc.

How your involvement/pledge works:
With each catch completed during the MFL Playoffs, money will be raised for the Masumeen Muslim Food Bank.

A quick scenario as to how it will work ~ all information below is on average and hypothetical basis:
‘Player A’ pledges to donate 25 cents per each catch completed during the MFL playoffs.

On an average, there are about 20 completed passes per team. For the full game, both teams complete 40 passes. 40 x 5 (the number of MFL playoff games) = 200 passes completed.

200 x $0.25 = $50.
After the playoffs are completed, ‘Player A’ will receive an email on how to donate the amount to Masumeen Muslim Food Bank. Tax receipts will be available.

Muslim Football League will be donating $10 per touchdown. The more catches, the more touchdowns, the more money we raise! Take part in this initiative, and help those in need!

Click HERE to register your pledge!

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