Rules Changes & Updates!

We are developing a Return to Sports Policy as required by the Town of Aurora. We will follow all guidelines provided by the Town of Aurora and the Province of Ontario. All of our decisions will be made with the safety of our players, and organizers in mind. We will share this policy with you closer to the start of the season. We kindly ask all players to follow the rules as per the policy.

We will be holding a rookie combine/pickup on Sunday, October 3, 2021 between 8:00am Р12:00pm (Location TBD). The attendance of the rookies is mandatory. If you are a rookie and cannot make it on that day, please contact us right away! A rookie is anyone that has not played an official MFL season. If you played as a reserve only, you are still considered a rookie.

Lastly, the fun stuff!!! There are some exciting rule changes for the upcoming season: 

1) There will be 3 downs per half. Once the team cross half, it will be a fresh set of downs.
2) The starting point for the team with possession is the goal line.
3) It will now be 4 & 8 steamboats. You may rush the QB after 4 steam boats and after 8 steam boats it will be dead. (we’re leaving the option open to make it 5 & 8 – if there’s a change, we’ll make it before week 11)
4) Team with possession has the option to “punt” from their own half after 2 downs. If the team doesn’t go past their own half on 3rd down, opposing team will start at half. If they punt, opposing team will start from their own goal line.

In the coming days, we will be revealing our captains, and their draft positions. Follow us on Instagram for live updates regarding captains, draft positions, option of a live draft, and much more! The draft date is finalized for Tuesday October 13th, and the teams will be revealed on Wednesday October 14th.